Friday, 3 December 2010



I do say, mind the mess of my look for now but..
Today I was looking different types of blogs through here like humour, film, game, comic reviews and I recognised a name on one of the blogs. I looked at the photo and realised it was one of my old teachers blogs. I had a sneaky look and read a few of there posts and couldn't stop laughing. They had such great humour and posted pretty ace blogs. Its a shame I couldn't follow them as they do have a realy good blog. Its been snowing more than ever today and I wish it would stop. Im thinking of going for a walk but in this weather, its tempting although I need to burn off those calories. I rang the gym up today to enquire about how much its going to be in the new year. turns out it will be £27 a month and that's for 2 hours a day. The government are ruining peoples lives, honestly!! I find it ridiculous how prices are going up more and more these days. Most things used to be realy cheap and now its like, lets go to the cinema this week, oh shit no, its only frigging £10 a ticket. So much for seeing the new Harry Potter. I wouldn't mind seeing Scott Pilgrim again but that's on dvd soon. 

I've been drinking volvics strawberry water for England lately. Shame I haven't lost any weight and only gained some. Mind you, I have been eating those double chocolate cookies. SHAME ON ME!! Been looking at flats and houses down south for next year!! By writing this I think Im going to have to get all wrapped up and warm now and go on that walk I was going on about and get my ass off the laptop, my beds far too comfy and is demanding me to stay in it. No, not this time bed. for more of my personal posts, click on the link below. Until next time (: xx

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