Saturday, 19 February 2011

Busy Busy Busy!!

I’ve had such a lovely weekend this week. I’ve not missed the internet ‘that’ much either. I’ve had such fun. On Wednesday I went near Birmingham to see A play for a change for what I’m studying at the moment. The acting was alright, could of been better though and needed more actors but over all it was really good and I definitely had a good time singing every song going on the way back home.

On Thursday My friend came round and we chilled all night watching films, listened to music, dolled ourselves up and ate lots of sweets! The next Morning before she went home we watched Russell Howard and was in tears!

Yesterday was amazing aswell as today. I met up with Henry in town and we went and chilled, got some chips had a drink and had a really good chatt for ages, then we went to Starbucks and did the exact same and spoke for ages about everything, then we chilled out and had a good laugh watching The Peep Show. Got up this morning and Henry made me the most amazing Coffee in the world! We looked at the new Banana Badges and listened to some ace tunes, went into town and had some McDonald’s. I’ve had such a nice time! I hope I can do this again soon! Thankyou Henry! xx

I got on the bus home this morning and I’m going to have a nice relaxing Bath and then get all snug in bed. (Bed Bath) haha! I came home not long ago and saw that these two amazing dresses have come for me and a big package left in my bed room!!

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