Thursday, 2 December 2010

First post!!

A start of another new blogging website?

Just another blogging website for more personal posts. I mainly use tumblr so if you are interested of having a little peak at what I post and do, I blog on tumblr daily. Probably spend around 10 hours on there non stop which is probably a bit bad for my health. 

I'm Sophie Louise, I enjoy animé films and manga, Online blogging ,photography, filming, photo editing in photoshop CS4, Travelling, acting, singing and reading into english literature and aload of other stuff that wont be that interesting for you to read.

Im planning on moving to down south next year which is going to be amazing but as much as I dislike where I live. I will miss plenty of things like the acting, close friends, my family and generally the area of where I have grown up. I'm pretty sure 2011 will be amazing though as it will be a new start for me.
I will be looking into acting agencies, getting my singing out there more and will also be applying for xfactor 2011 as I realised Britains got talent wasn't the right programme for me this year.

Will be posting more things on here daily, weekly or whenever I have the time. This was just a little bit of a post to know about me. Again, check me tumblr if you like, Until next time!!

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