Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Weather? Big Rant?

I dont know if its me or not but this winter weather has been more freezing than ever, on top of that the snow has been greatly pissing me off as I realy need to get my train this month. I ordered my tickets today which was a big weight lifted off my shoulders and I also had a good time singing in the recording studio today which wasn't all that bad. Its certainly been better than yesterdays day of hell. Slept through most of it to get away from reality for a while and still found that my day was just utterly shite.

Anyway, enough of angry posts, Winters not all that bad. Took this outside of my window last night as it was snowing. Its deep but not that deep. I must admit I do miss having snow now and again, and winter is my favourite season as there is so much going on in that month for me.

I was planning on seeing if I could find people today but its too cold and I can't be botherd wasting my time on people who cant be eff'd to contact me or give a shit so as for tonight I'm staying in looking a complete mess drinking aload of hot chocolate,taking photo's and being lazy by not going to the gym.

Rather excited for Misfits tonight on E4. Im getting all into it. Having powers by the struck of lightning sounds pretty amazing to me if I'm honest. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend looking at a review and watching the first series online. Its on tonight at 10 on E4. Dont be late!!

I'm off to do other things, god knows what but I will find something. Lets hope people start bothering to talk tonight. xx

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