Thursday, 16 December 2010


What a week.

I went to the Doctors. They say I've possibly got a Virus, My glans is all swollen which means I wont be singing tomorrow I went to go in and see everybody and give everybody a hug as I wont see them all until next year. I cried because I missed them all too much and I got lots of lovely big hugs which cheered me up. I've just dyed my hair and it looks awful so I'm hoping to dye my hair again when I'm down south. Go away snow, Please. I've packed most of my things, and I'm getting all ready for Christmas!! I'm missing my laptop and feeling the need to photoshop all the time as I'm using my mums laptop at the moment, but sadly my mum doesn't have a clue about photo editing so she doesn't have it on here. Now its time for lots of lemsips, fruit and liquids for me snuggled up in bed. Wish me well and I hope to get better soon.
(: xx

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