Saturday, 29 January 2011

Photo Updates and Description.

On Wednesday, My friend came round for a bit.We pulled some right silly faces. 
and were looking a bit of a mess but its alright, we were too lazy.

On Thursday night I spent the night making Silly faces, getting all comfy in bed, 
waiting for skins, and was not looking forward to it until I watched it and my blonde mind
told me wrong. I loved every bit of it!!

On friday night I decided I might spend it by being a rabbit because
they seem to have an easier life than us humans.

On my train journey in December, the windows frosted up it was that cold and snowy.

My messy room, spending too much time on tumblr again.

The sky the other week was beautiful. I feel so special to have such a nice view from my bedroom.

Welcome to the horrific state of my bedroom in the weekend!! Im actually ashamed of this!!

My charming and lovely Hello Kitty cups from my Fiancé and Mum.

Please note- I watched a brillian film this week called 'The Hole'. I was shocked that It was a 12 and it is pretty scary!! It has a few cheap jumpy parts but that's always included in thrillers. I would say it was worse than a horror. I highly recommend it (although, I would definitely not  recommend it for the child rate it was at).

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