Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Yesterday and Today

Since its 00:57 in the morning and I haven't posted on here in a while, I think its about time I should. Yesterday, I felt so bad. I ate a chocolate eclair and a big cookie with some salad wraps. The wraps are alright but I definitely went too far with the cookie and chocolate eclair. I guess we can all have a treat now and then though so its not all bad! Before all that eating, I had gone to a meeting to do a review on my acting lately. I cried. I admire my drama teacher so much as he gives such enthusiasm and a great atmosphere to all the acting classes I go to. Not only that but he has a heart of gold. I've been going through a stressful time at home lately and during my drama classes, I felt as if I hadn't been doing enough or that I wasn't good enough anymore due to my lack of confidence and self esteem. I cried and I don't do crying infront of most people which was a shock and I hadn't cried in a long time. My passion for acting is verry high and I was told that I  shouldn't push myself too hard as I'm already doing the verry best I can. The main thing is though is that I know that I'm trying my hardest but I want to try harder in my acting. I want to do miles better. They always say you can only do your best but I know I can be a great actress and can do so much better than I am doing now. Oh gosh, Why cant I do acting every day!

 I was in a rush even before all of that as I was off to have a blood test as I could be anaemic. It was taken for other personal reasons too which I will not say. Over all, it wasn't that bad. It ache's but it wasn't pleasant seeing three tubes of my own blood on a desk. The nurse was lovely and made me feel more comfterble than I had in a long time. We had a big chatt about my engagement and some other lovely stuff too. I haven't been drinking alot lately so I didn't have that much fluid in my system to be able to have the test done straight away, she started in my right and then realised the lack of fluid. So I had to have a big glass of water, a pillow and to wait until it had gone in my system and we tried in the other arm. It feels like a slight pinch and sting. The most painful bit was taking the needle out. I don't mind needles, as long as I don't look at them for too long I'm alright. I have a little plaster now, I haven't had a plaster in such a long time. Feels really strange!

I also got a new duvet cover the other day as a treat which was nice and it certainly looks better than what I expected. I had wanted this duvet cover for such a long time! My hello kitty cushion looks just right with it all.

Behold, a glorious mess on all of your screens! Yeah, This is what I've been looking like for the past 3 days. Im slowly recovering but this cold's still got me. Constant hair shoved the side (hair's not that short, its grown longer now but my hands are in the way), sore nose, stuffy eyes, constant sneezing etc. It's awful! Im off to the Hospital today to get my hip sorted. It's come to the point where I might possibly have to have the metal and wire taken out and a new one put back in. It's a bit scary to think that but I've been to the hospital that many times since I was young that I've got used to it now. Silly face! Going to watch a film now or just mooch around on the internet. Let's hope I get better soon! xx

May I just say how pure beautifully amazingly perfect my fiancé is. I'm speechless! Keep up the good work Anthony. You're slowly getting on the right track. So proud of you! xx

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